Mens Festival Shirts & Clothing

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It’s not easy to stand out at a festival; you’re surrounded by thousands of people that are there for the same reason as you and that are most likely in the same age demographic too. Except for that weird old guy that you see at every single festival throughout the year.

Men’s Festival Shirts That Make a Statement

Around a decade ago, a bunch of mates came together to find some sick festival outfits that would help us make a statement and set us apart from the thousands of other drunk, 20-something-year olds. Alas, we came up pretty short on our search, and the only men’s festival clothing in Australia that seemed to be on offer was a proliferation of the standard naked lady printed on a muscle tee. This simply didn’t sit with our standards, and so we set off to find some beer and brainstorm; we thought we’d just be designing one shirt for that festival but we ended up opening an entire company, and that’s how Baby Get Dirty Was Born.

Locally sourced and locally sold men’s festival shirts

There is one thing that we were absolutely sure about when we started Baby Gets Dirty, and that was that we wanted to support the local market. We have such a plethora of talented designers and manufacturers in Australia, and so we decided that we would source our products from small businesses, friends and other talented craftsmen within the country.

This means that we can do something positive for the local, small-scale artists and produce incredible, high-quality apparel and sell at a much more affordable price to our clients than if we imported it.

Choose from a wide range of designs

When it comes to creating awesome men’s festival shirts and other clothing, we realise that everyone out there is truly individual and need a design and a cut that best suits them. Some might be comfortable with ‘Sikc*nt’ written on a t-shirt, while others may need something a little low key, such as ‘Yeah the boys’; we have a wide range of different designs that cater to our clients’ individual humour.

The same goes for the cuts of our clothing; Barry who never misses arm day will probably thrive in a muscle tee, but Ted, who last lifted weights in PE class might be a little more comfortable in one of our traditional tees.

Need an icebreaker? You’ve come to the right place

Meeting new people can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re looking to make the moves on the hottie at the bar; that’s why we love the fact that our shirts offer a great icebreaker at festivals. Wear one of our shirts, and you won’t struggle to make conversation at all.

High-quality Australian apparel

At Baby Get Dirty, we make high-quality Australian apparel for festivals that can be bought straight from our store in Melbourne or from our online store. If you’d like to know more about our amazing products, then get in touch through our contact page or simply keep browsing to find your favourite Baby Get Dirty product.

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