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Standard neck line
Side split zips
Tall fit
Black back logo
Back cut pocket
100% Cotton

Fit guide - slightly smaller in the body compared to our standard tees.

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Mad Cunt Top, Singlets & T Shirts

The term “cunt” is one which divides opinion – some people love to use it in their vocabulary, others shudder at its mere mention. The fact that this t-shirt caught your eye and that you’re reading this tells us you likely fall into the category of those who love the spout the word “cunt” about. This tee, in particular, is for all of you out there who identify as “mad cunts”.

Disclaimer – If Offended By The C-Word, Browse On!

What is a “mad cunt” precisely? Well, it’s not a term we think anyone should be offended by. If anything, being labelled as a “mad cunt” is a term of endearment – you’re basically being glorified as a big of a legend. It’s a phrase whose ownership and origin is claimed by Australians, and well, it’s about the highest standard of praise you can receive.

We know there are lots of you out there who identify as “mad cunts” and we wanted to give you the opportunity to highlight your stature with this tasty, original, Baby Get Dirty mad cunt t shirt. If you’re labelled a “mad cunt” by your mates, it’s time to step up and own that status.

The Muscle Tee For Mad Cunts with Mad Guns

Baby Get Dirty are all about creating mad stylish, mad street muscle tees. If you’re looking for a muscle tee that’s a little bit “out there” to wear on the beach, the streets or at a music festival, we’ve got a great selection to choose from. This piece right here is one of our favourites. The tie-dye style and big slogan graphic on the front are sure to turn a few heads. It’s made from 100% quality cotton and has a tidy little back cut pocket and white Baby Get Dirty logo on the back.

Our range of tops and clothing for all you “mad cunts” out there doesn’t just end at this piece. Shop our online store to find lots of cunt jumpers, cunt singlet tops, cunt long sleeves, cunt tees and cunt t backs. We’ve got lots of styles, colours and slogan variations to choose from – you’ll definitely find that “mad cunt top” you always wanted.

If bold and well, sometimes downright offensive is your thing, you’ll find some awesome pieces among our online store. Represent your wolf pack with a “Yeah The Boys” top, show your appreciation for the dark side with our “Cocaine & Bitches” streetwear or rep our rap t-shirts with some of the biggest faces in rap music like Tupac, Biggie and Drake emblazoned across the front.

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If you’ve got your eye on some naughty pieces from our online store but don’t quite have the funds right now, don’t worry, they can still be yours. You can buy any items of clothing now and pay later through weekly payments via Zip Pay or Lay Buy.

Check out our legendary Tupac Tee's and muscle tops, our popular mad-cunt t shirts, zero fucks clothing, as well as festival clothing.

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