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Standard neck line
Side split zips
Tall fit
Black back logo
Back cut pocket
100% Cotton

Fit guide - slightly smaller in the body compared to our standard tees.

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Tupac T Shirt

No matter who you are, or where you come from, you’re going to command respect for rocking a t-shirt with the legendary Tupac Shakur’s face emblazoned across the front. You might not generate the same reaction if you for went for a 50 Cent tee or even an Eminem tee. Hell, you won’t even respect wearing a Snoop Dogg tee since he’s gone and sold out so bad. But Tupac; Tupac is also going to be admired and get attention – and for the right reasons.

The Legendary Tupac T Shirt

Don’t mess with a legend though. By that we mean don’t mess with those street stall Tupac t-shirts. You know the ones where no one can actually tell if it’s a picture or graphic of Tupac because the quality is so bad? That’s going to cause some insult. Safeguard your street cred with our tall fit Tupac T-Shirt.

You’ll be damned to find a slicker Tupac shirt than this. We’re not just about emblazoning tees with legendary stars faces; we also want to make sure they’re damn stylish. This tee has little extras like side split zips, a back logo and back cut pocket to ensure you look extra fresh.

Wait a Second, You Know Who Tupac is Right?

Since Tupac passed away in 1996, there’s a strong chance you might not know who he is, although his music lives on and compilation albums are still being released. Before you purchase your Tupac tee, you’ve got to get some grips with some background info. Allow us to be of assistance.

If anybody questions your t-shirt, you simply tell them Tupac was one of the greatest rappers there ever was. He was reppin’ for the West Coast hip hop scene in the U.S. and was in a rap war with Biggie when he was shot dead in Las Vegas after a Tyson fight. Your favourite song is California Love. his collab with Dr. Dre, but you highly rate the whole “All Eyez On Me” album.

There you go, you’ve officially got enough “chat” to rock that Tupac t-shirt with confidence. Thank us later; now it’s time to move that tee to your cart.

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As one of the top stores for music festival clothing and streetwear online, we can guarantee you that filling your cart will be a very simple task. Our stuff is “out there”, and unlike anything you see in your standard street stores. Keep browsing and you’ll quickly find yourself hitting that free delivery minimum spend.

On the other hand, if you really want this Tupac t-shirt but haven’t got all the funds right now, you can always buy it now and pay later through Zip Buy or Lay Buy.

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